TNF50 Finisher!

My first 50 miler in the books. Epic. But man, that's a long way.

Track and keep up with me (and others) in Boston

There are few ways to keep with me while I’m in Boston and running the marathon… Get Athlete Alerts. Sign up to get alerts from AT&T by email or text. Text my bib# 8185 to 234567. You will get text after passing each of the 6 check points along the course.  (My bib #8581) Follow me on Social Media. Twitter (@velowoo) or Instagram (@travelwoo)… Read more →

Boston Take 2

Yes, I’m back for my second Boston Marathon in 2 years! Training has gone ok. I’ve been sick four times this year which I do not attribute to overtraining but something I haven’t yet resolved.  That said, crossing my fingers that this taper week doesn’t bring me another cold.  I feel like I’m fighting something off. At least I’m not… Read more →


“Curiosity is a bastard. You can’t master it. You can’t even curtail it. You’re just drawn through it. It will take you to places… to some amazing experiences… and of course it will kill you as well if you’re not careful. It seems illogical, but I can’t live in another state.” So now this UTMB has me curious… But first… Read more →

How thieves are stealing bikes from your garage using FLIR

Ok, I don’t know this for sure, but everyone (at least in SF) knows someone who has had their bike stolen from their garage seemingly without any evidence of break in.  Frequency scanners, inside jobs, are among the theories.  Here’s another one: cameras with infrared imaging capabilities.  Normally cost of ownership would be high for such technology, but the FLIR… Read more →